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Meet Your Trainers

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Zephrin Augustine Jr

CEO and Founder

Next Level Sports and Fitness was started based on 3 simple concepts: Dream It! Position It! Get It! I have a strong desire to assist all people in reaching their individual fitness and life goals. I encourage all people to join our fitness classes and share their life experiences as well as their faith with others in the workout sessions. Workouts are stress relievers and sharing your experience allows others to do their life more effectively by connecting with others who share similar hardships or testimonies of overcoming those hardships.  I love sports and fitness but my primary objective is for you to leave a better person and live your Life at the Next Level. 


Our coaches will hold you accountable for reaching your goals and maintaining a positive outlook on Life. If you are ready to go to the Next Level just show up and be consistent. 


No Excuses Only Results

No Excuses Will Produce Your Results




Zephrin Augustine Jr. 



Coach Melissa (Melissa Cherry)

Fitness Coach and Sales & Marketing Manager

Melissa has over 3 years of training and coaching experience. Starting off at her highest weight Melissa found Next Level Sports and Fitness and made the decision to take back her body and transform herself into the best shape of her life. Through this journey, her love for fitness, and the vision of seeing her body change encouraged her to want others to experience the same mind, body, and soul transformation she felt.

Favorite Fitness Quote: “Be like Nike: Just DO IT!”
Favorite Training Day: Leg Day

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Coach Zep (Zep Augustine)

Sports and Fitness Coach

Zep Augustine has over 10 years of coaching and athletic experience. He brings passion and excitement to the athletic and fitness profession.


Zep earned his undergraduate degree in exercise sports and science and has certifications from the International Sports and Science Association in Sports and Conditioning and the International Youth Certification Association in Youth Fitness and Program design. His experience  also comes from playing football, professional training from Titus Sports Academy, UF track and field coaches, and UF strength and conditioning coaches. 


Favorite Fitness Quote: “Stand Tall Through it All”

Favorite Training Day: Every Day!!

Favorite Sports: Football and Track

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