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Training in group settings has been shown to increase performance and improve results. While in reality you are only in competition with yourself, exercising with other people taps in to the competitive nature we all have inside. Next Level Sports and Fitness has the drive, motivation, and skill set to meet your fitness needs, regardless of what they are. 


Small Group Fitness Training


You can expect to take a general Fitness Test that will challenge you and assist the coach with determining your starting point. Whether you have a desire to improve your fitness level or you are an athlete preparing to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL, this program will help you reach your goal. This class will breakdown your weak areas by focusing on fundamentals and technique. Small Group Training will assist you in reach your fitness goals through enhancing your speed, strength, agility, power, and explosive abilities.

Total Body Bootcamps


Simply put, bootcamps are traditional bootcamps taken to the next level. The trainers integrate sports drills and exercises with boot camp style workouts. All of our trainers have collegiate level sports experience as athletes, interns, and coaches, and they put their knowledge to use in bootcamp. When attended regularly, sports and fitness bootcamps lead to fast results, helping to tone the body, strengthen muscles, and improve endurance. We offer both low impact and standard Sports and Fitness Bootcamps throughout the week.

SACS Football Speed Training


NLSFitness (Previously Next Level Sports) is a sports training company for athletes desiring to play collegiate sports. As a former University of Florida football player I know what it takes to get there. I now have a passion to assist young athletes in getting to the next level in their desired sport(s). Our motto at NLSFitness is "Dream It. Position It. Get It!" That means we are going to help position people to get to their dreams, wherever they are as it relates to sports, fitness and their personal lives. We re-ignite people's dream here at NLSFitness.    -  Coach Zep

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