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The Next Level Sports and Fitness Sports Combine is a day long event where middle and high school student athletes are tested on speed and agility drills. Typically, a sports combine is geared toward a specific sport. For instance, a football combine would test athletes on different football drills and techniques, while a basketball combine would only incorporate drills used in basketball. At a Next Level Sports Combine, athletes are presented with drills and challenges from all major sports. As they compete against each other for the best technique or fastest time, student athletes are perfecting their own abilities!

Any student athlete who is serious about their sport should attend a Next Level Sports Combine. They will learn new techniques, have their current abilities evaluated, and compete against other student athletes in their area. Sign up today for the next Sports Combine we have scheduled!

If you are interested in training for football or basketball, the trainers at Next Level Sports and Fitness guarantee improvement and success in your particular sport. Our unique training programs have proven results for athletes of all ages, whether in middle/high school or college. Let NLSFitness take your game to the Next Level. Our Coaches at NLSFitness have a passion for maximizing the ability in each player we coach. We have played at the collegiate level and will train you to be the best.

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