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Head Trainer:
Dimetress Barnwell - Coach Dee


Since 1999, Coach Dee Barnwell has been a certified personal trainer through NESTA, the National Exercise Sports Training Association. In addition to personal training, Barnwell holds specialist certifications in speed, agility and nutrition.


Barnwell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Next Level Sports and Fitness through his many years as a personal trainer and coach. After starting at Gainesville Health and Fitness, Barnwell moved to Alachua Health and Fitness to train specialty group classes on core and abs, boot camps, kick boxing and child fitness. After working in the fitness realm, Barnwell looked to gain experience in a parallel field so he chose to be a youth football coach at the Martin Luther King Center of Gainesville and at the Rolling Greens Alachua Recreation Center.


Barnwell is a former track athlete from Florida State University. He holds a bachelor's degree in exercise and physiology. Known by his boot camp participants as Coach Woooooo, Barnwell's motivational skills and enthusiasm for coaching are surpassed by none. .

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Michelle Williams


Michelle is a Next Level Sports & Fitness Personal Trainer that is dedicated to helping people achieve lasting results. As a former basketball and softball player, Michelle has always had a passion for fitness, but has recently decided to turn her hobby into a career. Her goal is to motivate and encourage others towards a healthy and active lifestyle through physical fitness and proper nutrition.  As your trainer she will design workouts that focus on cardiovascular endurance and overall strength while being sure to take you to the Next Level!


Favorite Fitness Quote: “You can’t out train a bad diet”

Favorite Training Day: Leg Day!!

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Tyrone Johnson


Boot Camp Trainer — “Optimus Prime”
Tyrone joined the Next Level team last year and already has a rep-utation for transforming clients into machines (hence the nick-name). Through hard work and dedication clients develop speed and endurance. As a former National Guard Soldier, Tyrone un-derstands what it means to train hard and knows that the best results come from giving it your all 100% of the time.

Annie Bader

Annie joined the Next Level team last year and holds a comprehensive Zumba certification. She has a passion for fitness and has been dedicated to healthy living for over five years. Annie has a proven track record of success in coaching people to rise above obstacles, reach goals, and maintain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to dance fitness, Annie is currently working toward becoming a NASM-certified personal trainer. As a former student athlete who played softball for more than 13 years, Annie understands the conditioning and dedication required to be the best in any arena. She is a dedicated instructor and will help you reach your fitness goals.

Basketball Trainer:

Delton Johnson - Coach DJ


Delton Johnson, known as Coach DJ, comes to Next Level Sports and Fitness from Wilmington, NC. He is a top-notch basketball player, having received many awards during his time on high school and college teams. Johnson was invited to the Reebok Big Ten Tournament in 2004 and made history in 2006 at Brooke Point High School in Stafford, VA by leading team to their first Varsity Mens Basketball Championship. While still in high school Johnson was coaching basketball camps and tournaments. He was a member of Virginia Elite, a top competitive AAU basketball organization, and later went on to coach with them. 


Johnson attended New York State University at Canton, where he was one of the top 20 scorers. He also attended Lake Head University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He coached collegiate level basketball while attending school there.


Given his experience coaching youth and college-level athletes it is no surprise Johnson has excelled as a coach for Next Level Sports and Fitness. In his own words, Coach DJ is "ready to impart in the Next Level Generation Athletes!" 

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