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As with our regular boot camp classes, each participant is pushed to his/her maximum fitness level. This intensity is maintained throughout the duration of the session. The Next Level Runs are great for people of all fitness levels, as they provide an engaging and fun introduction to high intensity group classes. Registration FREE! Join us for our next Next Level Run and find out how much fun exercise can be!


Next Level Runs are geared towards mature high school students and adults of all ages.  It provides an opportunity to train in a large group setting, which has been proven to increase both performance and results. In the most basic sense, this Next Level Run is a giant obstacle course. Designed with a combination of cardiovascular, plyometric, and strength building exercises, Next Level Runs are fun and challenging and occur periodically throughout the year.


Experience an intense and interactive workout with "Next Level Run"! Call (352) 575-0801 for more information or see class schedule to register online!

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